Business Entity Planning

Business ownership can be incredibly rewarding, but there is quite a bit of risk attached to potential rewards. It is thus imperative to seek legal counsel for all phases of business formation.

The Law Office of Leticia Martinez is a top resource for aspiring business owners in the midst of the planning process. Leticia Martinez has helped numerous entrepreneurs navigate the complications of business formation. With her guidance, aspiring entrepreneurs are able to achieve their business goals while minimizing legal risk.

Business Types

One of the most difficult decisions aspiring entrepreneurs face is which type of entity to form. Many of Leticia Martinez’s clients form limited liability companies (LLCs), which combine corporate limited liability with the pass-through taxation associated with sole proprietorship. Leticia Martinez also assists clients with the formation of limited liability limited partnerships (LLLPs) which also feature pass-through taxation, but allow both the general partner and the limited partner to avoid personal liability. LLLPs are not recognized in several states, but Leticia Martinez can provide interstate commerce guidance for those who wish to form this type of entity.

In addition to LLCs and LLLPs, Leticia Martinez provides much-needed guidance for those interested in forming S corporations and C corporations. Taxation and accounting issues tend to be far more complicated for C corporations than they are for S corporations, but stipulations on the number of shareholders and the pass-through of business income make C corporations an appealing choice for many. Leticia Martinez offers the detailed feedback that aspiring entrepreneurs need to make this critical decision.

Leticia Martinez and Business Entity Planing: Life by Design. Wealth Defined

Leticia Martinez understands the stressful nature of the business planning process. She also recognizes the high-stakes nature of entity planning. At these early stages, one wrong decision can result in a wide array of liability issues. Her patient and in-depth counsel ensures that clients make decisions that are in their best interest and in the best interest of their future businesses.

The Law Office of Leticia Martinez offers customized strategies and solutions for aspiring business owners who wish to avoid tax risks and liability problems. The firm has worked with numerous entrepreneurs in the Santa Barbara area, many of whom have gone on to achieve great things with Leticia Martinez’s help. Her foresight is incredibly valuable as you position your business for future success, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

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