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Business Entity Planning

Business ownership can be incredibly rewarding, but there is quite a bit of risk attached to potential rewards. It is thus imperative to seek legal counsel for all phases of business formation.

The Law Office of Leticia Martinez is a top resource for aspiring business owners in the midst of the planning process. Leticia Martinez has helped numerous entrepreneurs navigate the complications of business formation. With her guidance, aspiring entrepreneurs are able to achieve their business goals while minimizing legal risk.
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Business Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process of deciding who will take over and operate a business when the owner and other key leaders pass away. Often, business owners just assume that a family member will take over when the time comes. However, it’s better to have a formal plan in place for a variety of reasons.
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Estate Planning

It’s never too soon to get your house in order with estate planning. Life can come at you fast, and you want to ensure that your loved ones are protected and that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Attorney Leticia Martinez works closely with his clients in the careful preparation of wills, trusts and comprehensive estate plans. She takes the time to learn about your assets and guides clients to choosing the best legal instruments for their wants and needs.
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Guardianship and Conservatorship Planning

A conservatorship or guardianship is accomplished through filing a petition and a legal proceeding. The person who files a petition with the court requesting that conservatorship or guardianship is called the petitioner. In this legal proceeding, the court orders the appointment of a guardian or conservator to act as a decision maker for another party. The court makes its decision on convincing and proven evidence that the other party has been found to be unable to make decisions on his or her own behalf. It’s called the finding of incapacity.
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Special Needs Planning for Families

Estate planning by parents who have children with special needs involves many challenges. How do you leave funds for the disabled child without losing disability benefits? How do you ensure that the funds are properly managed? How do you make sure there’s enough money meet the disabled child’s lifelong needs?

Attorney Leticia Martinez guides families through the special needs planning process and works with families to create customized plans that ensure the protection of their loved ones.
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